The Best Laptop Keyboard Light: 7 Great Options

The best Laptop Keyboard Light, the Benq, lights up a laptop

Lighting. One thing that when you are working in public spaces you have no control over. If you work on your laptop while travelling, you will almost certainly found yourself in a dark room, straining your eyes on the keyboard relying on the glow of the screen to light your way, frantically trying to finish your work for the day before switching off and relaxing.

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. As you read on, you will find the best laptop keyboard light to suit your needs at the most affordable price on Amazon.

I’ll give you a quick preview and description of each keyboard light and the features it packs. So let’s crack on.

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Understand What is Expected of You

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The 7 best laptop keyboard lights

  1. BenQ Screenbar Lite – Best overall
  2. BUBOSPER Premium – Best Budget Choice
  3. YUHAN Smart USB Screenbar Lamp – Best Value
  4. QIAYA Laptop Ring Light – Best for Video Calling
  5. Soondar Creative Spaceman LED Flexible USB Light – Best For a Bit of Fun
  6. USB Powered LED Clip Reading Light – Best Clip Lamp
  7. Huryfox Clip on USB Rechargeable LED Light – Best Super Portable

1. BenQ Screenbar Lite – Best overall

BenQ Screenbar Lite E-Reading Monitor Light, LED Laptop Lamp with Auto-Dimming and Hue Adjustment,...

The Benq Screenbar Lite is the best USB laptop light for you if you are using your laptop for working, gaming, or anything under the sun . . . well . . . moon more likely. The screenbar gives full LED light to allow you to see the entire keyboards and type without any hassle. Moreover, it comes with sensor control to enable the auto-dimming selection depending on your environment’s lighting.

The auto-dimming is a really nice touch as you won’t need to change the lighting manually, however, you can still override this and adjust using the touch sensor control if the automatic adjustment is still not okay.

The Benq Screenlight clips onto the top of your laptop to make it stable. Furthermore, it has a screen glare-free feature, whereas it makes this light e-reading friendly.

2. BUBOSPER Premium – Best Budget Choice

USB Reading Lamp, BUBOSPER Premium 14 LED, 3 Brightness Setting Touch-Switch Laptop Light with...

The BUBOSPER is a budget-friendly choice that is versatile and very handy, and to be honest, you can’t really go wrong at this price. You can take it almost everywhere. Its size is perfect to fit in your bag. It works excellent enough for working and reading, especially if you don’t want to disturb anyone. However, just understand that it is designed to illuminate your keyboard, not the room/.

As the handiest and most affordable USB LED light, this one could the ideal choice for you. It comes with three adjustable brightness settings to set the light according to your activity. What’s more, it has flexible gooseneck to change position anytime you want.

With its compatibility with USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, you can use it on various devices. These could be a notebook, laptop, Macbook, or wall charger. Also, its port is compatible with power banks to recharge it on-the-go.

3. YUHAN Smart USB Screenbar Lamp – Best Value

YUHAN Smart Screen e-Reding lamp, USB Screenbar LED Reading Light Eye Care with Auto-Dimming and Hue...

If you are looking for a versatile and high-quality laptop light at an affordable price, the YUHAN Smart Screenbar Lamp is the best choice for you. It reduces the reflective lights when you start the lamp operation. This LED light is perfect for offices. If ever you plan to change your office set up, you can quickly relocate it since it is lightweight.

Its built-in products are perfect. You don’t have to use screws or other materials to keep this light intact. It comes with a clip that fits with the monitor’s thickness of 1-3 cm. Also, with its conical holder, it can provide almost any monitors available in the market.

Furthermore, you can bring it anywhere and recharge it using a power bank. It is one of the on-the-go products, which you can bring when travelling.

4. QIAYA Laptop Ring Light – Best for Video Calling

Third Die Dice Bag - Handcrafted and Reversible Drawstring Bag That Stands Open On The Table - for...

If you have meetings online, you need to have good lighting to avoid distractions from your group. This laptop ring light from QIAYA has complete functionalities you need to capture a good shot when you are taking a picture or video. You can clip it not only on your laptop but also on your smartphones. Hence, bringing it with you on-the-go wouldn’t be a trouble.

You can adjust its brightness with the three-level dimming options. It only has a single button to change the settings immediately. It is also compact and lightweight, wherein you can keep it in your pocket when you have to change places. These features only mean that you can use it even in areas with dim lights.

5. Soondar Creative Spaceman LED Flexible USB Light – Best For a Bit of Fun

Soondar Creative Spaceman Astronaut LED Flexible USB Light for Laptop PC Notebook

This Spaceman USB laptop light makes a perfect gift for those that travel with their laptops. It can be used when playing games, doing homework, or finishing your work on your laptop late at night. It is cute and fun to use. Moreover, it is not all about cuteness. It will probably go well with the quirky things inside your home. It is portable and lightweight, so you can also bring it anywhere you go.

It comes with cycle charge LED lighting, so you can use it without plugging it into electricity. You can also plug into the USB port to use it directly.

But probably most importantly, it’s a little spaceman, what’s not to love?

6. USB Powered LED Clip Reading Light – Best Clip Lamp

LED Clip Reading Light USB Powered Reading Lamp, Dimmable Touch Switch LED White Book Light for Bed...

Do you love reading on your bed before sleeping? Or do you want to keep your family undisturbed at night when you are doing your work? If so, this is the a great clip laptop keyboard light that will help you focus on your job, and at the same time, keep your family asleep.

It comes with various brightness levels. Changing the setting is super simple. All you have to do is to press and hold the brightness button, then slip your finger until it reaches your desired brightness. Also, its gooseneck is flexible so that you can rearrange its position according to your preference.

Furthermore, this LED clip reading light is rechargeable. You don’t have to plug it on electricity while using it. As long as you charge it right, you will use it in an appropriate length of time. One of the things that make is best clip lamp for reading is its soft-light to protect your eyes from harmful radiation.

7. Huryfox Clip on USB Rechargeable LED Light – Best Super Portable

Huryfox Clip on Book Light for Reading in Bed, USB Rechargeable LED Night Reading Light, Portable...

Bring the Huryfox Clip on USB light anywhere you go, whether it is for camping, joyride, or travelling. You can also use it when you are reading while on a plane, car, or bus. Its light comes with eye protection to save you from harmful radiation when working or reading.

You can easily adjust the brightness settings according to your preference and satisfaction. Moreover, it has 360 degrees adjustable neck to rearrange it based on your position. You also don’t need to worry when it comes to connecting it with your computer. It has a rechargeable battery to keep it going even in long hours. You can plug it on your power bank, laptop, or even to your car charger.

The clip of this LED light would fit on any thickness of monitors. It’s also up to you if you want to use it for different purposes, like reading a book, or use it as a flashlight when you need to look out for something.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Are LED lights harmful to the eyes? 

When using LED lights, it is essential to keep the lights depending only on your needs. In the laptop keyboard lights we have presented, they have three phases of brightness you can adjust easily. So, just pick the cool white option to avoid harmful effects to your eyes.
Also, don’t keep it directly to your eyes. Keep the light away from you, and adjust the position where it only focuses on the screen and not your face. Nonetheless, these LED lights have anti-glare protection to avoid conflict with your eyesight.

Which is better, a gooseneck or clip type?

The good news is that you can pick both. For example, Huryfox Clip on USB Rechargeable LED Light and USB Powered LED Clip Reading Light comes with a clip and gooseneck. You can adjust them freely according to your preferred position.

Is screenbar LED light the best buy for the office? 

Yes. If you want to put an elegant light to your office or workplace, the screenbar type is the best option. It lights the screen and keyboard directly, allowing you to type on the keyboard and see the screen entirely. This type of light does not have a screen glare to have a full view of your note, keyboard, and display.

Are LED lights energy-efficient?

The simple answer is yes. When you plug it on your laptop’s USB port, it doesn’t consume the energy fast. So, you can use it for long hours. Some LED lights like Soondar Creative Spaceman LED Flexible USB Light, require batteries. But if you don’t like LED lights with a battery, you can go with other options.

Final thoughts on the the best laptop keyboard light

Using LED Laptop Keyboard Lights are beneficial for several purposes. You can use them while studying, working at home, playing games, or reading. It keeps your family or spouse undisturbed when you need to do something with your laptop in the middle of the night.

They are pretty much essential if you don’t have a computer with a backlit keyboard.

So, which one is the best for you? Actually, it depends on your purpose. For example, BenQ Screenbar Lite and YUHAN Smart USB Screenbar Lamp is the best choice if you need to work or type with your keyboard. The only downside about these items is that they are not the best for on-the-go or travelling.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something unique and fun, Soondar Creative Spaceman LED Flexible USB Light is the best choice for you.

If you need portable LED lights to bring them anywhere you go, I suggest BUBOSPER Premium, USB Powered LED Clip Reading Light, and Huryfox Clip on USB Rechargeable LED Light.

Last but not least, QIAYA Laptop Ring Light is the best option if you need good lighting for video calls. If you are into taking pictures or videos and posting them on your social media accounts, this LED ring light is a bang for a buck.

The best suggestion I can give is the Huryfox Clip on USB Rechargeable LED Light since it is portable and lightweight with three adjustable bright light that you can also use when working at home or writing on your documents. Overall, these laptop keyboard lights are excellent enough. Nonetheless, the last choice is still up to you.

Travelling is a state of mind, you don’t need to go far to find an experience, some of the best adventures are waiting for you on your doorstep. But, travelling far away is a lot of fun!

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