Sony Badu

Sonnie Badu born on November 9 to the family of Julia Agyemang and Agymang Prempeh in the United Kingdom. The family soon moved to Accra, Ghana, as Sonnie recalled that his early years were spent there.

Despite being raised in a Christian family that worshiped God (Sonnie’s father was a pastor), Sonnie did not take faith too seriously while he was in school. Instead, he focused on football. Sonnie was indeed quite good at playing football and even showed promise of becoming a professional player, but faith had other plans for him.

At the age of 18 years old, Sonnie became seriously ill. Nobody could figure out what happened to him, and Sony Badu was fading by the minute. When he thought that there was nothing else to hope for, he turned to God and promised to dedicate his life to worshiping Him if only the “Lord” let him live.



On December 1, 2007, Sonnie Badu released his first gospel album called Lost in Glory. That day signified the start of his career as a worship leader and a renowned gospel artist. For his golden voice and ability to move his audience. Sonnie has been dubbed as “The worshiper.” He is also known as the “General or the Apostle of Worship.”

Since 2008, Sonnie Badu has been hosting Africa Worship, a charity concert that raises awareness of the pressing issues in Africa. In 2008 for instance, his concert was dedicated to victims of violence in Kenya. In addition to this, Sonnie also tours the world with his gospel program, appearing in major cities in Europe, North America, and Africa.

Sonnie has many awards to his credits in his career, he has been recognized with many awards of being the best gospel artist or for having the best gospel song/album. He is also known as a bestselling author and even a fashion designer. He has several popular books to his name, including the five-book “Worship Guide” series and “The Ultimate Guide to Praise and Worship.” His clothing lines are called “The Worshipers’ Garment and just Badu.”

He is a CEO of quite a few companies like “The Word and Worship Radio, iWorship Magazine, Dizney Daycare, Badu Homes, Eagle Eye Football Agency, Four 24 Records, Private Jet Consulting and many others.”




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