Paragliding in Bali

Which adventure sport gives you an adrenaline rush? Scuba diving, Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, Sky Diving, Kiteboarding..?

For me, it has always been sky diving. No, I haven’t done it yet, but even the thought of that freefall thrills me. I had booked my jump while I was in Prague, one of the most popular holiday destinations. I remember sleeping that night with great excitement only to wake up to unfavorable weather the next morning. Yes, the skydiving company returned me the advance that I had paid. 

Flight Preparation

Paragliding in Bali felt like my luck was trying to redeem itself or maybe preparing me for the sky. Whatever it was, I was all ready to embrace flying with an inflatable wing.

As I reached RIUG Paragliding, a renowned paragliding company, I watched quite a few paragliders already in the sky. It was such a sight to behold. Since I had already booked my activity, the staff directly directed me towards the locker to keep my valuables (phone, hotel keys, cards, etc.). They then handed me a Go Pro, tied it to my wrist, and asked me to wait for my turn.

In the meantime, I enjoyed looking at the paragliders up in the sky with attention to landing. People usually have a fear of getting hurt while landing. My turn came after about half an hour. I went up to a red paraglider, the color I wanted to fly in. A couple of staff members helped me sit ahead of Maadey, my pilot, and secured me with a harness. Almost instantly, we took off. 

And there I was, paragliding at about 150 meters high from the sea level. How did I feel? Well, my expressions during the say it all. 

One tip here – Include windproof clothing (especially top-wear) in your travel essentials list if you are prone to getting cold.

The delightful ride

It was incredible looking down from my seat and seeing myself float in the air, above the water, suspended only by a canopy and a harness.

After five minutes in the flight, I was jealous of Maadey, my pilot, who gets to do this every day.

The pleasure of being away from the Earth was incomparable.

Being away from Earth made me feel tiny; It made the world appear diminutive, and the sky was the limit; It made my problems and concerns seem minute. Up there, nothing else mattered, indeed nothing. I was too busy admiring the spectacular coast beneath me. After about 15 minutes, we started to descend slowly and finally landed (very smoothly) on the Earth.

bulbulonthewing - Paragliding in Bali - One of the most popular holiday destinations

While the staff members were removing my harness belts, I noticed a little tightness in my facial muscles. No, it was not because of the wind. It was because I smiling all the time during the flight.

Bali is not only about water sports

Bali, one of the most popular holiday destinations, turned out to be a memorable adventure destination as well for me. All in all, make sure that your Bali travel guide includes activities like paragliding, swing, quad biking, etc.

bulbulonthewing - paragliding in bali - most popular holiday destinations



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