Dinosaur on the loose – Genting Highlands

I had mentioned in my previous blog post that spending the night in Genting Highlands, which is one of the most popular destinations for Malaysians, is much more than making bets. Well, spending the day there is full of surprises and entertainment too.

It was my second day in Genting highlands, and I and Meenal, my friend, were supposed to check out and leave for Kuala Lumpur. I was in awe of the world’s largest hotel, stylish gambling dens, Chin Swee caves temple, and SkySymphony, which got a special mention in my travel guide to Genting highlands. As you can guess, I was leaving with a heavy heart and only wished I could stay for a day or two more.

Little did I know I would get a farewell that I will remember for the longest time.

It was late in the afternoon, and therefore, I thought to prepare and eat some ready-to-eat rice before boarding the cable car. We decided to take a stroll at SkyAvenue while I eat my rice.

“Wait, I will grab a sub,” Meenal said as we were crossing Subway.

“Get a chocolate cookie as well, please,” I said as I stopped and looked around.

The screams and laughter

I was busy eating my rice when the sounds of hysterical laughter from behind a pillar on the opposite side caught my attention. We grabbed the sub and cookies and moved towards that pillar. As we neared the spot, we saw an animatronic dinosaur walking here and there, frequently opening his mouth wide near people to entertain them.

“Oh, shit!”, escaped instantly out of mouth after looking at the extinct creature.

I knew that that dinosaur wasn’t for real. I knew that it’s only an animatronic dinosaur for amusing the people around. Yes, I knew all that.

Well, I still managed to spill the rice I was eating, turned, and ran here and there with rapid heartbeats, as it inched closer to me. Quite weirdly, I was also laughing uncontrollably at the same time.

Finally, I hid behind two random men. I was still frightened yet chuckling. After successfully administering my mixed emotions a little, I came out of hiding. I saw the dinosaur posing with a lady for a photo.

My playtime wasn’t still over

“Go near the Dinosaur, and I will click a photo of you two,” Meenal said while making fun of me.

It was not funny because I wasn’t a coward. I gave my phone to her and walked towards the Lizard.

I stood in front of it and posed. It came near me, opened its big mouth, and adjusted it against my small head. It exactly knew how to model for a photo. Even I did. I am a travel blogger with a photogenic face (Isn’t it though?). But, at that moment, I was petrified that the daunting reptile was right behind me.

“Please capture both of us quickly while I can keep this smile on my face. I requested Meenal helplessly. Suddenly, I felt like I had lost the “poser” in me.

Not even a minute had passed near the dinosaur, and I ran away from it without even looking back. After crossing a considerable distance, I turned to check if it was moving towards me, but it had already got busy posing with other people.

I laughed at myself and looked at the photos my Meenal had taken. As I had expected, the pictures were a little blurred. Nevertheless, it brought a smile to my face.

Moreover, there was no way I could rectify the blurred photo as I didn’t dare to go near the “terrible lizard” again.

Posing with the terrible lizard - Genting Highlands guide - bulbulonthewing

“No matter how old you are, never kill that child inside you.” I introspected while leaving Genting.

Are you already a full-time adult? Please write your thoughts in the comments below.

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