Atwea Mountains

The Atwea mountain is a unique mountain, famous for its attraction of Christian pilgrims, who regularly visit the township of Atwea in a bid to ascend to the peak of the mountain to hold prayers and conventions.

According to historians, the act began so many decades ago when one local Methodist pastor in Atwea named Abraham Osei-Assibey climb the “Atwea Bour”  (Atwea Stone) to go and pray to the Lord.

After spending a few days upon the mountains praying, he returns to the town and regularly took his fellowship to the mountain top to go and pray with him, and when the news went viral Christians bought into the idea.


The Atwea mountain since then has become one of the most popular converging places for Christians all over Ghana.

Despite the fact that the mountain is very steep and tall, it does not discourage Christian groups from visiting the town of Atwea and climbing it to spend a few days with the “Lord.”

Having visited the site as a personal praying camp before relocating to the United States, I personally endorse the mountains as a good place for personal time with the Lord.

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