Afro B

Although born and living in Great Britain, more precisely in Greenwich in South London, Afro B has parents of Ivorian origin. French-speaking descendants: a rare fact for a young person from the African diaspora in England. Like Yxng Bane, an artist from the Democratic Republic of Congo with whom he collaborated in “Juice & Power” in 2017.

It was in his small London neighborhood that Afro B learned about music, playing the piano in his local church. He then discovered a passion for turntables and mixing.

Afro B did not hesitate to go against the musical trends in its early days. Proof of this is in 2013, when the Azonto, then at its height thanks to titles such as “Antenna” by Fuse ODG (released in 2012) or “Attitude” by Timaya, are watching all the radios. He decides to play the track “My  Sweet Coco” with Mista Silva, a song with a more relaxed rhythm.

Then, in 2014, he made his definitive name with “Baba God” in collaboration with SK, a modern gospel song of the “Adonai” type by Ghanaians Castro and Sarkodie in which Afro B does not exist to place a few lyrics in French. However, he himself admits to having slight concerns when speaking French in his songs, given the small number of Afro-descendant Francophones in England. But this does not stop it, on the contrary, it makes it a strength.


Today, Afro B defines his music as Afrowave: a mix of hip-hop, dancehall, and afrobeat. Afrowave is also the title of his first mixtape released last year. A project carried by the previously mentioned title “Juice & Power” with Yxng Bane.

At the beginning of this year, he caused a sensation with “Drogba”.  A small tribute to the Ivorian footballer Didier Drogba, who celebrated his 40th birthday last March.

This song produced by Team Salut (also based this year on “Tick Tock” by Eugy) is absolutely fresh. It is already proving to be one of the highlights of 2018. Proof of this is the enthusiasm generated by the “Drogba challenge” all over the world. In addition, the song’s audio has already exceeded 21 million views on YouTube. A superstar score.

This may be the beginning of a big career for the London native who would certainly like to follow in Fuse ODG’s footsteps.


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